5 aegean bay you must visit

On these days, when we entered the summer months, everyone started to make holiday plans. There are many holiday alternatives, especially for those who love to live in touch with nature. If you want to spend your summer vacation in natural beauties, we have prepared an article just for you.

The Aegean is undoubtedly one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in our country! It has an atmosphere that attracts people with its natural beauties and clean and clear waters. The bays you can visit during the summer and the activity suggestions you can do here are continuing our article.

1-) Kabak Bay

Pumpkin Bay

Kabak Bay is located in Faralya Village, within the red pine forests and on the Lycian road. Getting away from the city noise, crowd and chaos; If you want to be alone with nature, Kabak Bay is for you. You can camp in this bay, where you can watch every shade of green, or you can stay in nearby hotels. Kabak Bay is suitable for water sports, boat tours and trekking.

2-) Cleopatra Bay

Cleopatra Bay

Cleopatra Bay, also known as Güvercinlik Bay, one of the hidden beauties of Çeşme, fascinates visitors with its golden sands and bright sea. Since transportation is provided only from the sea and the roads in the nearby sites, it is not visible from the main road, and therefore it is not crowded. If you want a quiet holiday where you can camp and relax, Cleopatra Bay should definitely be on your travel list.

3-) Mordogan Manal Bay

Mordogan Manal Bay

You should definitely visit this cove, which is frequented by anglers and sailors. It has a very calm atmosphere as it is not known by many people. The beach is small, but the sea is shallow, warm and without waves. There are facilities such as a buffet, toilet and shower in the bay. You can also rent umbrellas and cushions on the beach.

4-) Marsala Bay

Sarsala Bay

Marsala Bay, located in the Dalaman district of Muğla, resembles a paradise with its smooth sea and magnificent nature. When you come to this bay, after swimming in the clear sea of ​​Marsala, you can visit the region by using the surrounding paths. Although Marsala beach is paid, you can benefit from toilet, shower and lifeguard services here; You can have fun at the facilities where you can do beach volleyball or water sports. Access to this cove is much easier than the others, so we can say that it is a bit more crowded.

5-) Zindancik Bay

Zindancik Bay e1640757039433

This cove, connected to the Bademli Village in Dikili, 10 km away from the centre, is like an undiscovered treasure. Its white sands, blue and bright sea make this place a natural wonder. If you plan to stay in this area, there is a camping area in Killik Bay, which is close to Zindancık Bay.

There are not many facilities around Zindancık Bay. For this reason, we recommend that you take your essentials with you if you are going here.

If you are planning a holiday where you will relieve the stress and fatigue of the whole year, store energy and enjoy the beauties of nature, we think that the content we have prepared will be helpful. If you want to make up for your shortcomings before you set off, Yalı Spor is with you. Don’t forget to take a look at Yalı Spor for comfortable sneakers, wide and useful bags, and comfortable sports clothes!


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