5 sports apps you should use while doing sports

Would you like to learn how to benefit from the power of technology with 5 different mobile application suggestions that will make the work of sports enthusiasts easier? Here are some beautiful sports apps that will follow the sports activities on a regular basis and will give you reminders and directions while doing this. You can use the directions to explore, you can download the most important applications for you by reviewing the application recommendations. You can access the application directly by clicking on the name of the application market!

1. Sworkit : Time and Complete Your Goals

Sworkit, which is one of the indispensable applications for readers who practice sports and exercises at home; contains moves you can do for all kinds of strength, cardio and conditioning work. There are simple and effective programs that you can do in the gym, outdoors or at home through the application, which offers stretching, yoga and warm-up movements, movement combinations, fitness moves and more.


2. MyFitnessPal: Take Control of Your Nutrition 

One of the subjects that sports readers know best is the effect of nutrition on sports. MyFitnessPal allows you to keep your diet under control by calculating daily and meal calories for you. Through this application, you can easily calculate how many calories you take in total during the day by recording all your meals in the application. In addition, it stands out as a useful application for those who want to lose weight and for readers who have problems such as diabetes, where the number of calories is very important.


3. Google Fit: For Those Who Can’t Give Up on Fitness 

Developed by Google for those who do fitness, Google Fit brings together daily exercises and other types of sports applications. It can also report exercise data such as climbing stairs or walking during the day. The application, which you can easily track your health and activity, is extremely safe as it was developed with the help of important official institutions such as the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization. You can benefit from it and enjoy seeing tips on healthy living and everything else together.

Google Fit

4. 7 Minutes Workout: High Performance in a Short Time

The 7 Minute Exercise application, developed for those who want to lose weight, is one of the useful mobile sports application options recommended in the New York Times publications… It also helps you to see rest times, set and practice times. At the same time, you can adjust your rest periods according to your health status, and you can receive daily exercise notifications. If you wish, you can get more information by getting the free versions of the application.

7 Minutes Workout

5. Virtuagym Fitness: For Those Who Want Regional Development 

You can make improvements on arm muscles, leg muscles, chest and abdominal muscles. The application, which is perfect for athletes who want to develop regionally, offers a wide selection of movements by offering approximately 5,000 different exercises. In the application, which also has a 3D animated movement trainer, you can also have the chance to visually monitor and repeat every move you make.

Virtuagym Fitness


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