Add motion to your day with home pilates moves

If you are one of those who can’t find time to go to sports from daily life or who love to spend time at home, you may be looking for ways to do sports at home. One of the most suitable sports for this is pilates. Doing pilates at home has many positive effects on your life as it is practical and beneficial. Those who do pilates at home can participate in the activities they want more easily without disrupting their daily schedules, and they can achieve a healthy life at a high rate.

Lying Leg Extension

Lying Leg

Getting firmer with pilates at home is more effortless than you think. “I want to do pilates at home.” For “lying leg extension”, which is a movement that many people say, lie on your back on your mat and bring your hands behind your head. Then pull your legs slightly towards you and start the movement! First, pull one knee to your stomach and bring your opposite arm diagonally towards your knee. Then complete the same movement with your other leg and arm. This move will help work your abdominal, pelvic, back and hip muscles.

Double Hip Extension

Double Hip

Another movement that comes to mind when doing pilates at home is the “double hip extension” movement. For this move, first, lie on your back on the floor. Leaving your hands sideways free, position yourself with the heels of your feet touching the ground. Then lift your back to the bridge position and lower it. Repeat this movement like this. “Double hip extension“, which is one of the most recommended movements for pilates movements that can be done at home, is important for the abdomen and hip area.

Side Leg Lift

Side Leg Lift

Another highly preferred movement when doing pilates programs at home is the “side leg lift” movement. For this move, first, lie down on your side. Support your head with your hand. Lift and lower your upper leg, stretching it as much as possible. By repeating this movement in this way, your body will ask, “Can you do Pilates at home?” It will give you an obvious answer to the question.

Back Extension


For the back extension move, lie face down as the first step. You can hold your arms behind you or stretch them forward. Raise your legs and hands while lying face down. Stretch as much as possible, making sure that only the abdominal area touches the ground. After holding it that way for a short time, keep repeating the movement.

Other Points to Consider While Doing Pilates moves at Home

Now that you’ve learned how to do pilates at home, it’s time for other tricks. Performing the warm-up movements that you have determined before doing Pilates will minimize the possibility of injury. Most of the injuries, which are very common, especially at the beginning level of pilates, are caused by not doing a warm-up movement.

Make sure you control your breathing and exhalation correctly while doing the movements. Breathing, which is extremely important for the maximum efficiency you will get from the movement, allows the areas to be affected by the movement to be stimulated more easily. Since sports will have the right effect when combined with proper nutrition, you should include healthy foods in your meals.


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