Basketball shoe choosing guide

If you play basketball regularly, you should choose the right shoes. Basketball shoes are specially designed for use on the court and can meet the shock absorption requirements of players. It also provides additional support to important areas such as the ankle.

Why is Basketball Shoe Selection Important?

Basketball Shoes

Basketball challenges the foot and ankle. Choosing the right basketball shoes increases the player’s jumping, running and sudden maneuvering abilities. It helps players raise their skill level and likewise reduces injury rates on the field.

● Before purchasing shoes for basketball, the player should evaluate his playing style. This helps the player narrow down their choices in purchasing the right shoe.

● Basketball is a fast game, it puts a huge weight on the foot and ankle. A player who does not wear a suitable basketball shoe may injure himself. Shoes designed specifically for basketball can provide adequate support and eliminate the potential risk of injury.

● Shoes with great traction on the soles allow the player to stand better on the court and can especially improve defensive performance.

● Well-designed basketball shoes provide stability and protection during play. Quality materials increase the breathability and durability of the shoe.

Things to Consider When Choosing Basketball Shoes

Basketball Shoes

The main purpose of basketball shoes is to protect players’ feet from injury. The most common injury from playing basketball is an ankle injury. Due to running, jumping, sudden maneuvers and arm movements, players are prone to accidentally bending their ankles at angles beyond their control. Because of this, they can easily injure or even break their ankles. Here is a shoe guide for you to choose the best basketball shoes…

● Base Design Matters

The sole of a basketball shoe is the most important feature that should not be overlooked. Basketball shoes must have good traction. Regardless of indoor or outdoor, you should always feel solid and safe in shoes. The sole should be flat and made of non-marking rubber, with a tread pattern with wide flex grooves for all range of motion. A thin sole helps you feel the ground, while a thicker sole offers more durability.

● Materials Used in Design

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are designed using synthetic leather, canvas or genuine leather materials. You should be careful that the material used in basketball shoes is synthetic leather. synthetic leather; It is more advantageous than real leather in terms of stability, breathability, flexibility and durability. It is also lighter than shoes made of natural leather.

● Lacing System

The lacing system of the basketball shoe; It is very important when it comes to side-to-side movements, quick turns and sudden stops. Most standard closure systems include reliable laces, straps and zippers. Laces must be properly tied and secured to prevent them from unraveling before a game. Some players prefer laces as they are adjustable, while others prefer straps as they provide protection from ankle rolls. Velcro closures are generally used in children’s basketball shoes, not very protective for adults.

● Cushioning Materials

Padding, or cushioning, is an important component of basketball shoes. Cushioning designed using air gel or fiber material allows the player to move comfortably. The midsole of a basketball shoe is where the cushion of the shoe is located. Midsoles using EVA foam are lighter options compared to polyurethane midsoles, which are denser and more durable.

Basketball Shoes

● Design Difference

Basketball shoes are usually designed in three specific styles: bottom tops, mid-tops and tops. Depending on your playing style, you can choose your basketball shoes. Models with a low design are the lightest shoes. Most of the players generally prefer this type of shoes. If you want to be fast and fast, these models are for you! But keep in mind that you’re weak on ankle support. Mid-tops are considered the most popular shoe style and can provide support up to ankle height. Mid-top models that support the player’s freedom of movement are a great choice if you want ankle support. Top models, which usually offer good ankle support and durability, are heavy. You can feel more comfortable with these models, which are heavy due to the additional material used to support your ankle.


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