How to build abdominal muscle?

Abdominal muscles are one of the most important areas that show the whole body as more fit, healthy and sporty. Many people turn to exercises that work regional muscles to gain abdominal muscles. If you are wondering how to make abs, we have prepared beneficial content. Thanks to this content, you can build abs with the facilities at home without going to the gym.

The abdominal region is made up of many different muscle groups. With a good exercise program, all of these areas should be exercised equally. You can find detailed information about which region each movement works in this content.

1-) Plank


Plank is an intense effort that works all the muscles quite well. You can work your abs harder by making the classic plank a little harder. Here’s how the move is made:

  • Get into a crawling position with your knees and palms touching the floor. Keep your arms open at shoulder level.
  • Lie on the floor with your arms bent at the elbows. Extend your feet back, stand on your toes. In the meantime, your body should be straight and ensure that your hips are not in or out. Tighten your abdomen and buttocks as often as possible.
  • After holding this position for 10 seconds, raise your right hand and left foot into the air without breaking your stance. Hold for at least 10 seconds, then repeat the same movement with your other hand and foot.

2-) Shuttle and Cross Shuttle

Shuttle and Cross Shuttle

This exercise, which everyone is familiar with, is beneficial for developing abdominal muscles. While you can develop your front abs with the classic sit-ups, you can develop your side abs with the cross sit-ups.


  • Lie on your back. Bend your arms at the elbows and place your hands under your head. Bend your knees and pull your legs towards your stomach, making sure that your feet are flat on the ground and your toes are facing forward.
  • Using your abs, lift your upper body towards your legs. It will be enough to get up 20-30 cm from the ground. Exhale as you get up.
  • Remember to take a deep breath as you return to the starting position. Try not to get support from your arms or legs.

Cross Shuttle:

  • Lie on your back in the classic sit-up position. Here, unlike the classic shuttle, your feet should be in the air, not on the ground.
  • Bend your knees a full 90 degrees. That is, bring them to the table position. Have the soles of your feet facing forward.
  • As you rise slightly, bring your right elbow and left kneecap closer together. As you make this move, stretch your other foot forward. Continue the same movement with your other leg and arm without waiting.
  • While doing cross sit-ups, you should be careful not to bring your arms close to each other and not let your outstretched foot go down.

3-) Sitting Knee Lift

This move is perfect for working the lower abs that you can’t train very often. You can do the movement sitting in a chair or on the floor. Here’s how it’s done exactly:

  • Sit upright on a chair or floor.
  • Extend your legs straight. If you are sitting on the floor, raise your legs a little higher. You can tilt your upper body slightly backwards.
  • Inhale and as you exhale, pull your legs towards your stomach. In the meantime, you can get support from where you are sitting with your hands or keep your hands in the air.

Repeat the movement for at least 20 seconds.

4-) Roll-Up

Roll Up

Roll-up, a Pilates movement, is a low-tempo exercise movement that works the lower, upper and lateral abdominal muscles. It should be done as slowly as possible, not fast. The movement is done like this:

  • Lie on your back on the floor. Your lumbar cavity should not touch the ground. Your spine should be in a neutral position.
  • Raise your arms shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands turned inward as if you were holding a pilates ball.
  • Inhale and as you exhale, first raise your head to an upright position. Your waist should touch the floor at this time. Then slowly come to a sitting position by raising your back and waist.
  • Inhale and as you exhale, alternately reach back so that your lower back, back, and head touch the floor. Be careful not to bend your knees or lift your feet off the ground at this time.

Repeat the movement for at least 60 seconds.

The abdomen is one of the parts of the body that is most prone to getting fat. For this reason, while trying to build abdominal muscles, you should follow a regular exercise program and keep what you eat under control. If you are looking forward to a fit body and a flat stomach, you should start these exercises as soon as possible.


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