How to play beach volleyball, what are the rules?

How to Play Beach Volleyball?

Beach volleyball is a competitive sport that is extremely exciting. It is quite entertaining for both the spectators and the players, especially in the summer months, it is often played on the beaches. Therefore, we can say that this sport, popular worldwide, is one of the favourite holiday activities of those who love active living. By learning beach volleyball, which has a few simple rules, you can have a good time with your friends and family, get rid of excess energy, and even socialize by meeting new people.

How to Play Beach Volleyball

If we need to talk a little about its history, its release dates back to ancient times. However, this sport became an Olympic branch when played in the Summer Olympics in 1996 in Atlanta, USA. America and Brazil are among the countries that have achieved the most success in the Olympics in beach volleyball.

Beach Volleyball Rules and Gameplay

Beach Volleyball Rules and Gameplay

In some regions, beach volleyball tournaments are held in the summer. Beach volleyball, one of the indispensable sports of holiday regions, is a little different from indoor volleyball. If we need to talk about the general gameplay of the game briefly:

In the game, you score points when the opposing team makes a mistake and the ball falls on the opposing team’s playing field. The game is played in two sets and the team that wins both sets is the winner. The team that reaches 21 points in a set wins the set if they have at least two points difference from their opponent. If two sets are finished and the situation is a draw, the third set is played with 15 points. In this case, the game continues until one of the teams reaches a two-point difference.

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Beach Volleyball Rules and Gameplay 1

Indoor volleyball is played with two teams of six players; beach volleyball, usually two people played between the two teams. Thus, players play a more active game in different positions. No substitutions are made. Every five points team must change their playing field. The ground is sand and the players do not wear shoes. While the field dimensions in indoor volleyball are 18×9 meters, in beach volleyball, the field dimensions are 16×8 meters. The preferred ball is softer, lighter and larger. At the same time, the ball should be compatible with the weather conditions and resistant to the sun. Unlike indoor volleyball, it is free to kick the ball in beach volleyball.

Beach Volleyball Rules and Gameplay 2

If you want to play beach volleyball this summer, a few tips will come in handy. First, it would help if you considered that the ground is sand. It will be more difficult to run, jump and manoeuvre. That’s why you need to act fast. Second, you can play beach volleyball with your clothes while swimming, but you may not be comfortable on the sand when you sweat. For this reason, shorts suitable for sports will be more comfortable. Third, don’t forget to get caught up in the excitement of the game and protect yourself from the sun. Make sure to get a hat that will protect you from the sun and use sunscreen.


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