How to play volleyball rules

Welcome to the first step of volleyball, where there is a high number of spectators in our country and every second is a scene of excitement! If you have questions such as how to play volleyball, what are the volleyball rules, how long does volleyball last, you are at the right place? Let’s move on to our article for information about volleyball!

What is Volleyball?

Volleyball is a sport played on a field divided into two by a net, in which two teams of six players compete. In volleyball, which dates back to the late 1800s, the aim is to score a point by dropping the ball into the opponent’s court or getting it out of the field so that the opponent player last touched it. Now let’s talk about how many people play volleyball and what are the rules.

How to Play Volleyball

Volleyball is played in  ​​18 meters in length and 9 meters in width, separated by a net in the middle, with two teams of six each. While the volleyball field dimensions are the same for men and women, the height of the volleyball net varies. The height of the net is 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women.

Volleyball, played in a series called rallies, starts with a team throwing the ball into the game, called a server. The ball, which the opposing team must send to the other side with a maximum of 3 touches, can be interfered with by an obstruction called a block. The blog is not included in the 3, which is the number of touches in volleyball. The rally ends when a team scores points due to the opponent’s touching the ground in his half, the ball sent directly out of the field of play, or a rule error by one of the players.

A set in volleyball continues up to 25 points. But in the case of a 24-24 tie, the set continues until one team takes the lead by 2 points. How are many sets of volleyball played? Volleyball is a sport played over 5 sets. The match ends with scores of 3-0, 3-1. If a 2-2 situation occurs in the sets, a tie break set is played. While the first 4 sets are played over 25 points, the tie break set, that is, the last set is played over 15 points. Points determine volleyball game time won, not minutes.

How to Play Volleyball

Volleyball Team Positions

In volleyball, teams consist of 12 players, 6 for the first and 6 for the reserve. Each of the 3 players in front of and behind the middle of the half-court has different positions. While the front trio is mainly attacking, the rear trio is in defence.

These positions, called setter, cross setter, spiker, middle player and libero, have different responsibilities and abilities. On the field, which usually includes two spikers, the scoring team rotates one position clockwise. But this rotation is not after every number. No rotation is performed when consecutive numbers are taken.

Instead, the first number is taken after the opponent is rolled. Libero players do not participate in the change of position and remain stationary. Liberos also wear jerseys of a different color from the team and take charge of the defence.

Volleyball Team Positions

Volleyball Rules

In volleyball, where a team throws the ball into play using a throw called to serve, the game continues until one team’s scores. The team that reaches 25 wins a set.

During the game, the team that receives the ball in their half must send the ball to the opponent’s court by making a maximum of three touches (excluding the block). A player may not touch the ball repeatedly. It is forbidden to handle the ball during the game. Steering the ball by catching leads to a rule-breaking so-called ball-handling and results in a loss of points.

Each team has the right to substitute 6 players per set. Therefore, more than one player can change simultaneously in the changes that occur at the time of the game stop. In addition, coaches have 2 30-second timeouts, which are renewed in each set. There is also a concept called a technical time-out in volleyball. Technical time-out is mandatory on the 8th and 16th points of each set. In the 5th set, there is no technical time-out.

Warning, caution, dismissal and disqualification; volleyball penalties. The volleyball referees are 5 people. Head referee, assistant referee, scorer, 2 line referees, table referee; They work together throughout the match. In volleyball, a warning is given when the 1st referee shows the offending player a yellow card. In the first stage, it is a verbal warning. In the second stage, a yellow card is shown.

If the referee shows a red card, this penalty is called a caution and causes the team to lose points. If the referee is holding a yellow and red card in one hand simultaneously, the offending athlete or technical team member is suspended until the end of that set and cannot play. If the referee holds a yellow card in one hand and a red card in the other, it is disqualification and the person receiving the card must leave the field for the remainder of the match.


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