The story of special ball that marked world cup history

FIFA has been organizing the world cup for almost 100 years. Touring 4 continents, the tournament left hundreds of memories in our memories: legendary players, breathtaking matches, debates, special boots. And of course, balls specially designed for each tournament! Which of us can forget Favernova in 2002? Tournament balls held since 1930 have evolved with technology over time. Today, aesthetic ball of excellent quality are produced in tournaments. This article listed the balls held in the world cup tournaments from yesterday to today for you.

Ball Used in the First World Cup Tournament 

In the tournament held in Uruguay in 1930, a certain ball was not determined. In the Uruguay-Argentina final match, the teams used the ball they brought. 13 teams participated in the first tournament with the invitation of FIFA.

The Classic Ball Used in the 1970 Tournament: Adidas Telstar

The Classic Ball Used in the 1970 Tournament

Until 1970, while the world cup balls were made by the designers of the host countries, by this year, FIFA signed an agreement with Adidas. After this date, Adidas produced the ball of each tournament. The “Telstar” produced by the brand in 1970 consisted of 12 black pentagons and 20 white hexagons and was waterproof. Football fans have not forgotten the tournament held in Mexico for years. The tournament featured great players like Jairzinho, Pele, Gerson and Tostao.

The First World Cup Ball Infused With Local Elements: Etrusco Unico!

First Ball Named by Voting

The tournament held in 1990 was inspired by the history of Italy. Etrusco Unico name BC It was descended from Etruscans who lived in the Etruria region between the Tiber and Arno rivers in the 6th century. Adidas decorated this ball with three lion heads and motifs running through the sides of the triangle. The tournament held in Italy was the lowest scoring tournament in the history of the world cup, and for many football fans, it is still referred to as the most boring world cup tournament.

First Colored World Cup Ball: Adidas Tricolore

First Colored World Cup Ball

In the tournament held in France in 1998, the country’s symbol was based on the rooster. The colours of the French flag were also used in the colours of the ball. For the first time, the golden goal application was implemented in this tournament. In the final match, France won the cup at home by beating Brazil with a different score of 3-0. Zinedine Zidane was the shining name of the French national team.

That Fabulous Ball None of Us Can Forget Fevernova!

That Fabulous Ball None of Us Can Forget

In this first tournament organized by the partnership of the two countries in the history of the World Cups, Adidas went completely out of the ball designs it has been using since 1978 and offered a different ball to football fans. With its fevernova colours, it reflected the cultures of Japan and South Korea. In the tournament, marked by Brazil’s Cafu and Ronaldo team, Turkey ranked third in the world and achieved the greatest success in the history of Turkish football.

First Ball Named by Voting: brazuca

First Ball Named by Voting

Brazuca was the first world cup ball, whose name was determined by asking football fans. This name was chosen by voting among the 3 names asked to the audience. In the tournament held in 2014, he impressed everyone with German football. The team, which beat the host Brazil with a different score of 7-1 in the semi-finals, reached the championship and brought another world cup to its museum.


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