Tips for healthy exercise in summer

As those who regularly do sports know very well, the most difficult months to do sports are the summer and winter months. While the exercises can be continued even indoors in the winter months, the drowsiness that falls on us due to the extreme heat in the summer months makes it difficult to do sports in all areas. Exercise programs abandoned day by day may leave their place for entertainment and travel, causing you to move away from your current form. At this point, tips that help you maintain your health and fitness in summer come into play. By considering these tips, you can spend a summer without interrupting your exercises.

Evaluate the Sports You Can Do in the Summer 

Evaluate the Sports You Can Do in the Summer

In fact, although the summer months cause relaxation, it also facilitates many different sports activities that can be done in the open area. At the beginning of the summer, sports types, swimming and similar actions come as can be expected. If your daily exercise routine usually consists of jogging, pilates or cardio work done in gyms, you can add swimming in the sea or pool to these activities in summer. Apart from this, if you have the opportunity, you can get rid of the sluggishness of the months when the temperature rises with other summer sports that can colour your life, such as windsurfing or diving.

Make Your Sportswear Suitable for Summer 

Make Your Sportswear Suitable for Summer

For those who do sports, it is always important to wear breathable, cotton, non-perspiring and sweat-absorbing clothes. However, much more attention should be paid to this detail in summer due to the extreme heat. Summer sports clothes such as sports bustiers, t-shirt, shorts or leggings should protect your body against the sun’s rays and at the same time take in the maximum level of air. For this, instead of shiny and lycra fabrics, you can choose sports suits or pieces made of much lighter, matte and cotton fabric. It would help if you did not forget that choosing light-colored combinations is also more suitable for hot weather.

Don’t Ignore Sun Protection. 

Dont Ignore Sun Protection

Sun rays, which can be a great threat to skin health, can cause spots, dryness or burns, especially in summer. This negatively affects your health and sports activities. You should pay special attention to the SPF value of sunscreens that you can use all day to protect yourself from sun rays. If you use low factor creams such as SPF15 during the hours when the sun is most effective, you will not see any benefit. For this reason, you should prefer high factor sunscreens such as at least SPF30 or SPF50 during the summer, especially during the most effective hours of the sun.

Don’t Forget to Warm Up. 

Dont Forget to Warm Up

Since doing sports in the summer seems to be simpler in general, warm-up movements are not needed. Due to the temperature of the air and the high energy in the body, you, like many people, maybe ignore the warm-up activities in the summer months. However, regardless of the weather, the muscles in your body need to stretch and warm up first, especially if you are doing intense, challenging an

d long-term work. Otherwise, after a while, you may be alone with various injuries or intense muscle pain, albeit minor.

Pay More Attention To Drinking Fluids Than Ever

Pay More Attention To Drinking Fluids Than Ever

It is always vital to consume plenty of fluids in general, especially water. However, when sports and hot weather come together, the body loses more fluid and electrolytes than usual. This negatively affects both your health and performance. That’s why you, like many others, say, ” How much water should we drink in summer? You may be wondering about the answer to the question. Care should be taken not to fall below two litres per day; If you have an intense work schedule, you should also benefit from isotonic or hypertonic sports drinks besides water.


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