What are sports done with body weight, how are they done?

These days, when we take care to stay at home, we may be afraid to go to the gym, but at the same time, we may not want our training order to be disrupted. At home, having the equipment and weights in the gym can seem difficult. This is where bodyweight exercises come into play, reminding you that your body is the most important training machine.

Calisthenic exercise is the most popular of the bodyweight programs. This type of training, which you can do without weights with items you can find at home, is famous for giving fast and effective results. Read on to learn more about the king of body exercises, callisthenics!

What is Calisthenics?


Callisthenics, or in Turkish name calisthenic, in its simplest definition, is a type of physical training you do with your own body weight. The word is derived from the Greek words Kalos (beauty) and Sthenos (strength).

A favourite type of training in recent years, callisthenics not only increase strength by using your own body but also increase flexibility, balance and body coordination. Since you only use your body weight while training, this type of training that allows you to see the limits of your body is healthier and safer for the same reason.

Read the rest of our article to learn about the calisthenic exercise program and the most useful movements that you can do comfortably at home, in the park, in the forest, in short, wherever you can move without restrictions!

Calisthenic Exercises 


Dips are perfect for those who want stronger back arms and sculpted chest muscles. You don’t need fancy equipment for dips, which is one of the multi-joint compound exercises to develop your triceps (back arm) and pectoral (chest) muscles. Grasp two high parallel bars with your arms shoulder-width apart and pull your knees toward you. Slowly lift yourself using your hind-arm muscles and slowly lower yourself using the same muscles after reaching the top. You can get very successful results with 3 sets and 15-20 repetitions. If you want to work your chest muscles, bend your upper body forward 30 degrees and use your chest muscles as you lift yourself.

Calisthenic Exercises

Horizontal bar

The pull-ups are very useful for muscle development. You don’t need a bar to do the pull-ups, which can work the arms, back and the muscles called wings at the same time. Tuck a towel or t-shirt under a solid door in your home to prevent damage to the door and prevent the door from moving. Grasp the top of the door with your hands and pull yourself up. If you are outside, you can use the pull-up bars you can find in almost every park.



Burpees, which will work almost all the muscles in your body, are the apple of the eye of calisthenic exercises. You can make this move, which will help you develop your muscles and help you burn fat due to its intensity on any surface that you are sure of its flatness. To make a move, first, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Quickly get into a squat position and then straighten your legs back into a push-up position. To complete the move, bring your legs back to the squat position and jump up with your feet off the ground as you quickly stand up.



If you want to work your lower and upper abdominal muscles simultaneously, a cocoon is for you. You can start this movement, which will help you centre your body balance centre while developing your abdominal muscles by extending your arms and legs straight to the floor. After the arms and legs are fully extended, bend your knees and pull them towards your torso while bringing your arms forward so that they meet in the middle with your knees. At the same time, be sure to lift your shoulders off the ground using your abdominal muscles.



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