What are swimming techniques?

Swimming, which is both a refreshing and beneficial sport, offers pleasant moments to those who do it with its entertainment. Previously Literal to hot: Swimming Benefits and Yield Enhancement Suggestions our writing; We have answered your questions such as the benefits of swimming, which muscles swimming works, does swimming weaken. In this article, we will provide information that will help you perform your sport more accurately by addressing the subject of swimming techniques.

Free Swimming Technique

It can be said that the free-swimming technique, which is one of the most widely preferred and first learned techniques, forms the basis of other swimming styles. Freestyle swimming, also known as Krawl, is a style you push forward by extending your body parallel to the water. Freestyle swimming, in which you stretch your arms forward and your feet back, requires you not be afraid to dip your head in the water and open your eyes underwater. As you stroke forward, you move in a pattern of breathing in and exhaling underwater by lifting your head at certain periods. Freestyle swimming, which is frequently preferred by long-distance swimmers, is considered among the most effective and fast swimming techniques.

Backstroke Technique

Backstroke Technique

In the freestyle swimming technique, while lying face down on the pool floor, you should stand in the water in the opposite position to swim on your back. You need to keep your head a little high and swing your arms back to stroke. By tilting your body slightly to the right while throwing your right arm back, you can progress faster by following the same system in your move on the other side. When compared to other swimming techniques, the backstroke, also known as backstroke, is the technique that improves your posture most effectively.

Breaststroke Swimming Technique

Swimming Techniques

The breaststroke swimming style, which can be considered the slowest swimming technique among swimming styles, differs from other techniques in terms of its construction. In freestyle and supine style, the strokes you throw by extending your arms and legs forward are performed in breaststroke style in a way that opens to the sides and gathers back. Since breaststroke style swimming, which is very difficult to learn, works different group muscles more than other techniques, warm-up and cool-down movements should never be interrupted before and after the exercise, as in other swimming training.

Butterfly Swimming Technique

Butterfly Swimming Techniqu

Butterfly swimming technique, one of the most challenging training in terms of condition, strength and effort, is considered among the most difficult swimming techniques. It is recommended to learn after mastering freestyle. It is also an enjoyable activity to watch with the strokes that are shoulder-width open and extended forward over the head, and the footstrike, which is different from the freestyle. Arms; moves in the form of pulling, pushing and recovering. The feet, on the other hand, occur twice in parallel with the stroke in and out of the water in the form of hitting, not flapping. It is the second-fastest swimming style after freestyle.

We took a quick look at the four basic swimming techniques that work differently. In our next articles, we will look at each technique and how it works and how it can be improved. In this process, the Yalı Sports swimming category is waiting for you to complete your missing swimming equipment!


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