What should you wear while doing yoga?

Yoga, which emerged in India, is a practice that supports the person physically, mentally and spiritually. The main goal in yoga is to relax mentally and spiritually through meditation and poses. Likewise, the physical practice of yoga has a calming effect both mentally and spiritually.

Often the concept of “journey” is used for yoga. This is because of the 8 stages included in basic yoga teaching. This journey, which is becoming more and more widespread today, increases the quality of life thanks to its effect on both physical and mental health. However, as in all sports, their clothes must be appropriate when performing yoga movements. For maximum comfort and efficiency, you should choose suitable yoga clothes such as yoga tights, yoga pants.

What Are the Eight Stages of Yoga?

The patch, known as a retreat, is the first step in the teaching of yoga. Patch; It consists of moral principles such as righteousness, self-control, not stealing, not harming. The second step, niyama, also known as observation, emphasizes personal discipline alongside universal moral values.

Principles such as giving thanks, reading, and remembering are the basis of niyama. Asana, considered a yoga pose or yoga posture, is the third stage of yoga teaching. The fourth stage, pranayama, is about the breath, which in yoga is considered the life force. Pratyahara is the fifth stage and means withdrawal of emotions and senses, i.e. self-isolation.

The sixth step, Dharana, emphasizes concentration. Meditation, or dhyana, is the seventh step in the teaching of yoga. The last step, samadhi, means enlightenment and unites consciousness and meditation.


What to Wear While Doing Yoga

Yoga is a set of exercises that should be done with comfortable and flexible clothes. For this reason, you should be careful that the clothes you choose do not restrict your movements and are flexible enough. Apart from flexibility, the properties of the fabric structure are also very important for your comfort. The choice of fabric that absorbs sweat and quickly throws it away from the skin will increase the feeling of comfort while exercising.

Leggings, which do not limit the movements of the legs and offer maximum flexibility thanks to the elastane addition, are among the bottom clothing products you can choose while doing yoga. When choosing yoga tights, you should make sure that the seams are stretchy enough and that the fabric used stretches comfortably in all directions.

When choosing a t-shirt, you should keep in mind that the fabric should be sweat-proof and quick-drying. One of the factors you should consider is that the sleeves and shoulders of the t-shirt do not restrict arm movements. Instead of t-shirts, you can also use your preference for body-fitting athletes, that is, tank tops or athletic athletes. When buying a tank top, you should pay attention to the fabric structure and flexibility.

In addition, products with chest support on the inside increase their comfort. Sports bras or bra tops specially produced for sports are among the other top clothing items you can wear while doing yoga. Although yoga is generally done barefoot, if you do not prefer to work barefoot, you can check out special yoga socks with non-slip soles.


What Should Not Wear While Doing Yoga?

You should stay away from clothes that will make you uncomfortable while doing yoga. In other words, you should not choose tracksuit-style bottom clothing products whose seams and fabric are not flexible enough and do not accompany body movements comfortably. Another disadvantage of loose-fitting underwear products is that they prevent you from watching your joints and muscles.

Because in yoga, it is very important that the teacher guides you according to the posture of the legs and if you are working with the teacher. In other words, it is necessary to pay attention to how the joints and muscles are used and whether the body weight is on the muscles in yoga. This situation can be observed more easily with clothes such as tights that hug the body.


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